Kevin Murphy Color is available at this Salon, ask Mariam for more details. Below are a list of services and prices that La Moda Salon offers. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. Ask Mariam about more details at your next appointment or call her direct: (713) 382-2151

Customer Pictures & Customer Hot Head Pictures. Thank you to our amazing customers for letting us post their pictures.

Pricing for Services

Hair Cuts / Styling


Color Treatments& Hair Treatments


Hair Extensions & Extension Treatments


Blow Dry with Extensions$42.00Balayage$250.00 (and up)Babe ExtensionsPricing Varies-Ask
Blow Drys Only$37.00Bleach-Out$100.00 (and up)Bellami Hair ExtensionsPricing Varies-Ask
Boy's Haircuts$28.00Brazillian Keratin Straightening Treatment$135.00 (and up)Bohyme ExtensionsPricing Varies-Ask
Bridal Updo$250.00Color KitsPricing Varies-AskBombshell ExtensionsPricing Varies-Ask
Express Blow-Out$120.00Conditioning Treatment$10.00Extension Replacement$275.00 (and up)
Formal Style$55.00Corrective Color$200.00 (and up)Extension TakeOut$75.00 (and up)
Girl Haircuts
(Dry & Style)
$35.00Deep Conditioning Treatment$50.00Extension Treatment$25.00 (and up)
Hair Piece Shampoo$50.00Detox Mask$25.00Glam Seamless ExtensionsPricing Varies-Ask
Kid's Haircuts-9 and under
(Dry & Style)
$28.00Filler$70.00 (and up)Handtied ExtensionsPricing Varies-Ask
MakeUp$60.00Gloss Treatment$30.00 (and up)Handtied Extensions Move Up$500.00 (and up)
Men's Haircuts
(Dry & Style)
$40.00Keratherapy$80.00Hot Heads Hair ExtensionsPricing Varies-Ask
Shampoo$10.00Keratin Ampule$20.00True Match Hair ExtensionsPricing Varies-Ask
Teenager's Haircuts
(Dry & Style)
$52.00Kevin Murphy Color$97.00 (and up)Microlines Mini$100.00 (and up)
Up Dos$85.00Kevin Murphy Root Touch-up$97.00Microlines Move Up$275.00 (and up)
Women's Haircuts Only
(no Dry & Style)
$60.00Long Hair Highlights$165.00 (and up)Microlines Removal$75.00
Women's Haircuts
(Dry & Style)
$70.00Medium Hair Highlights$148.00 (and up)
Men's Highlights$90.00
Non Kevin Murphy Root Touch-up$80.00
Obmre$250.00 (and up)
Organic Color$97.00 (and up)
Perm$115.00 (and up)
Scalp Treatment$35.00
Short Hair Highlights$138.00 (and up)
Smoothing Treatments$375.00
Toning with Shine$10.00